Kindle Free How to Get a Grip By Matthew Kimberley

Kindle Free How to Get a Grip By Matthew Kimberley
Kindle Free How to Get a Grip By Matthew Kimberley

Idiot-proof, antiself-help instructions that tell readers what they already know, yet need desperately to hear Anyone who implements these instructions will morph overnight from being a friendless, wimpy, and subservient doormat, perpetually vexed by the iniquities and raw deals that life throws at them, to being a total superhero. And what's more?they'll have fun while they do it. Everyone knows the key to having more energy has noth

Ing to do with crystals and chakras and everything to do with how much sleep one gets, but people still choose reruns of Desperate Housewives over a good night's shut-eye. Everyone knows that neglecting their friends will leave them destitute and lonely but people are still too damn lazy to pick up the phone and get in touch. Everyone knows they could get through their to-do list in half the time, yet they still put in hours stalking their ex on Facebook. Most people just need a kick up the backside?and that's what this book offers. Those who are sick of being mollycoddled by self-help that deals in platitudes and endless steps for a new you should join this campaign to get their life back on track by telling them what they already know. These are no-nonsense life lessons in life in plain language straight from the successful blog


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