Ebook Officespeak By David Martin

Ebook Officespeak By David Martin
Ebook Officespeak By David Martin

Do you feel like putting a bullet through your head every time your boss tells you to "quarterback this one for me, champ"? Do you find yourself resisting the urge to put a chokehold on colleagues who use the phrases "on the same page" or "no-brainer" or "going forward" in a sentence? Are you often tempted to tamper with the messages on the motivational signs HR posts around the offi

Ce? Or to plant subliminal messages in the legal disclaimer that's attached to every e-mail you send? Well, then Officespeak is the book for you! This hilarious, tongue-in-cheek guide to deciphering and manipulating the language of the workplace includes such helpful hints as:The best (and worst) answers to the question, "What's your biggest weakness?"Sprucing up your job title and personalizing your business cardsBeing "swamped" and other key phrases for diverting responsibilityMaking up verbs to convey power, decisiveness, and initiative in the boardroomMastering the fine art of interrupting with such foolproof expressions as "good point" and "borrriiinnnggg" AND MANY MORE! Just remember, there's no "I" in team... but there sure as hell is one in "You're hired!"


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