Kindle Free "I Remember Bo. . ." By George Cantor

Kindle Free
Kindle Free "I Remember Bo. . ." By George Cantor

Offering an exclusive look into the inner workings of the Michigan Wolverines under famed coach Bo Schembechler, this a book takes readers into the huddle and locker room and onto the sidelines of this historic college football program. With unrestricted access into the private world of the

players, coaches, and decision makers, I Remember Bo? captures the spirit of the beloved Hall of Fame coach, including details on the real reason why he turned down the multimillion dollar offer from Texas A&M and remained at Michigan in 1982, and the origin of his famous battle cry to his team every time it left a hotel for the game: ?Do I have 11? All I need is 11!? Providing a front row seat for the many memories and great stories from the history of Michigan?s football program under the consummate coach?s coach, this unique book is an ideal keepsake for any Wolverine fan


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