ePub Tanuki Ichiban By Zinaid Meeran

ePub Tanuki Ichiban By Zinaid Meeran
ePub Tanuki Ichiban By Zinaid Meeran

Meeran offers a witty and provocative milieu which flows between the elements of dreams and reality. Rabid to impress über girls at underground dinner parties, mud traffic control officer of the Port of Cape Town Geronimo Chanboon and Darius Coochoomber III strive to smuggle and cook every rare critter on the Cites endangered species roster. Super NGO-ho nymphet

Corsicana Malva, nursing a crush on retired circus orangutan Lahnee-O, spearheads the campaign to have the great apes declared human. Lovesick and guncrazy Haj travel agent Gool Eunus plots to take down the pretenderto the throne of the Saudi Caliphate. Though the pay is minimal, Geronimo hunts the brindled snow ape, vermin raiding the rich rubbish bins of Honshu. Raw food magnate DJ Minke Sable eyes the endless profits to be gleaned from the rare Firangi bloom, a tropicaljube-jube that tastes like? well? anything. What is it about the line between monkey and human that is fuzzy? How could the barren Lesotho highlands become a tropical rainforest? Who is the Tanuki Ichiban? This comical masterpiece holds all the answers


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