PDF The Wicked Wit of Charles Dickens By UNKNOWN

PDF The Wicked Wit of Charles Dickens By UNKNOWN
PDF The Wicked Wit of Charles Dickens By UNKNOWN

A fascinating collection of some of the finest examples of Dickens' wit, humor, and comedy, containing wry reflections and razor-sharp remarks on such subjects as childhood and family, women and love, politics and wealth, and many more "Mr. Squeers's appearance was not prepossessing. He had but one eye, and the popular prejudice runs in favour of two."  ?Nicholas NicklebyAdmired by his contemporaries and a hu

Gely celebrated writer of his day, Charles Dickens is now remembered as one of the greatest English novelists of all time, as well as an influential spokesman for the conscience of Victorian England. His work has inspired, enthralled, and entertained millions across the globe, and his social commentary remains as relevant in the modern day as ever. This engaging work explores and reveals aspects of the author's personal and professional life, while celebrating his flair for witty and satirical observations about society and human nature. Containing lengthy extracts from scenes of great amusement in his novels, as well as pithy remarks uttered by his unique characters, this is a wonderful collection which can be enjoyed by both Dickens' legions of fans and those who are finally discovering his work for the first time


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