Kindle Free SuperFoods HealthStyle By Steven G. Pratt M.D.

Kindle Free SuperFoods HealthStyle By Steven G. Pratt M.D.
Kindle Free SuperFoods HealthStyle By Steven G. Pratt M.D.

HealthStyle is the twenty-first-century program for promoting vigor, preventing disease, and extending your life spanIf up until now you have relied on luck, genetics, and a few healthful practices to achieve this goal, SuperFoods HealthStyle will be your authoritative, engaging introduction to a new, better life. Like SuperFoods Rx, the authors? bestselling book, HealthStyle takes the most recent, cutting-edge research on what lifestyle practices have actually been proven to achieve disease prevention and improve daily functioning -- both physically and mentally -- and translates this information into simple recommendations that you can use to improve your physical and mental health now and in the future.Evidence abo

Unds that total health is achieved via a network of efforts. You might guess that diet and exercise are important. Did you know that other factors like sleep and stress management can have just as much impact on your daily health and functioning? In HealthStyle Dr. Steven Pratt, dubbed "the Food Dude" by Oprah Winfrey, has expanded on his original thirteen SuperFoods and broadened his focus to include all aspects of health promotion. He covers such topics as:How ordinary spices like black pepper and cinnamon can make surprising contributions to health promotionWhat the latest compelling research shows about how poor sleep habits could be sabotaging your efforts at weight control, reducing your cognitive abilities, and impairing your overall healthHow achieving "personal peace" can prolong life and improve brain functionWhy dark chocolate, honey, and kiwi have joined the ranks of SuperFoodsHow the simplest imaginable exercise program can be the most effectiveWhy paying attention to one simple aspect of eating could be the answer to weight controlHealthStyle is about extending the true quality of life. It?s about being as active at seventy as you are at thirty-five. It?s about helping to prevent osteoporosis, hypertension, and Alzheimer?s disease. It?s about ending the confusion about how people should exercise and how often. It is about making simple but significant changes to get the most out of life for the rest of your life.


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